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Advertisement with us

Today’s competitive and challenging market has given rise to all the Marketing activities. Among all other sources Advertisement has achieved a prime importance to look upon. You can boost up your company’s customer profile by advertising in Liberty’s weekly newspaper “Liberty Career News”, published for Job seekers throughout Gujarat state. “Latest Facts in General Knowledge” is a monthly magazine of Liberty which focuses on Latest General Knowledge & Current Affairs is also a good media for advertisement. Liberty also publishes its Preliminary Paper sets for Std.10, Std.12 (Commerce) & Std.12 (Science).

Why go for Advertisement in Liberty?

  • 50 years of long experience
  • Liberty’s wide network throughout Gujarat.
  • Quality based services.
  • Customer’s Brand loyalty
  • Advertisement can reach to the state of your preference according to your marketing plan.
  • You can focus your message to selected audience only.
  • Available in English & Gujarati medium (Prelim Papers)
  • Affordable Rates.
  • Delivers the message clearly
  • It gives highly focused and clutter breaking advertisement.
  • It Confirms your credibility